Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Back from holiday

Hi'ya, I'm back after a wonderful holiday in London and Scotland. It was good to see my good friend again and have a chat and we had a wonderful trip to Scotland. Edinburgh is a lovely city with much to see. The highlands was amazing, really beautiful with rugged mountains, grassy hills, steep cliffs by the sea, lots of sheep etc.

We got the train from London to Edinburgh and on the way back we went by coach. We were a little late arranging transport so the train tickets were fairly expensive, therefore coach back. It cost only nine pounds but took ten hours, and those I had dreaded a little, mostly in regards to the leg. It went okay, we had three breaks where I could get out and exercise a bit. I think that being on a coach for ten hours is different than on a plane, as the pressure must make a difference when flying.

In Scotland we stayed at B&B's, really nice ones too. What a relief it was being able to take the compressionstocking on and off and wash and dry it in front of my friend without being too embarrassed or trying to hide it. My friend knows about my condition and is really cool and compassionate about it.

I came back Saturday late afternoon, quite tired after the journey. The flighttime is only and hour and a half, but it takes forever to get to the airport, through the airport and from the airport. Gatwick was madness and so was Copenhagen, which is usually isn't. Sunday I was involved in a charity event all day where children from asylum centers and other not so fortunate children and teenagers had a good day out with sailing, games and goodies. I was knackered when I got home that night, a lurking cold added to feeling miserable.

In London I shopped a couple of things: Treats from Poundland, the purple (and nicely strong) Nescafe (this particular one is not available overhere), crumpets, knickers from Marks+Spencer, razor blades and a few other bits from Boots, ie a small spray bottle that I think it might be good to carry with me on hot days for spraying the stocking. I stocked up on the razor blades, they were indeed cheap.

In Edinburgh I had the pleasure of catching up with my former landlady from my time at the language school in Cairns, Oz. She is Scottish and moved back a few years ago. It was really good to see her, and a bit surreal after 15 years. We had coffee and lunch with her and went for a little walk before she saw us off. We talked a little about my condition, and she said that it was formerly known as Dropsy. I'd never heard that word before. It seems to be a term used for various forms of fluid retention, so perhaps it is not exactly Lymphedema. I have only researched it very quickly since being back, but I will do more when I get time. Any of you native English speakers out there know anything about this?

Next week I am going to see the prostegist about a nightgarment. Feeling a little excited as I do think it is going to bring my swelling down. Also the wedding is coming up, it's this Saturday. What a production not only for the happy couple but indeed for the guests too, perhaps more female than male. Finding a dress, having it shortened, getting a purse, shawl, shoes, jewellery... Most of it is in place now, only need shoes, but I do have a pair I can use if I don't find others. Got my eyebrows done today.


  1. Hey I just wanted to say I'm enjoying your blog. I'm a 41 year old in southern Alberta, Canada, with primary lymphedema in my left foot, and I empathize with a lot of what you write about! I've been doing physiotherapy to strengthen the foot, wear a stocking (which I find hard in the summer - how do I wear skirts, sandals, and a stocking?!?), acupuncture, exercise, etc. Am looking into a trampoline (won't my kids be thrilled!). Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  2. Hello Alberta ;-)
    thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog :-)
    It means a lot to me knowing that other lymphers out there know whats I'm talking about – one can feel so alone with this.
    Yes, summer sure is a challenge. This summer overhere has been really lousy – at least that's what most people seem to think, but as a lymphedemagirl I think it's been great! It is a sorrow not being able to wear summer sandals, skirts etc. anymore. Feels so unnatural and wrong, eh.
    Thanks for commenting :-)

  3. Anonymous, how long have you had lymphedema in your left foot. Is it only in your left foot? I am 44 with lymphedema in my left foot only for over 6 months. Wondering about your progression. I have been unable to find anyone with lymphedema isolated to one foot.