Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Barely is the wedding over before my older brother's 40th Birthday is coming up next month. He's been having a bit of a trauma over turning 40 but has now decided to have a dinnerparty at a nice restaurant in the town where they live. And yet again I have to go find something to wear... He says casual in the invitation, but I guess old, baggy jeans are taking it a bit too far. I am thinking some nice, dressy palazzo trousers and a fitted top with a long necklace. I had a quick look around this afternoon and I thought I'd let the ladies know that there are quite a few palazzo trousers/pants out there very reduced right now. Probably also maxidresses and -skirts. Have a look at for example.

Today I have made my annual batch of elderberryjuice. I do that every year. Good to have for those cold autumn- and winterevenings. My parents have loads of elderberries in their garden so yesterday I took about 2 kg home. It produced 13 one-mug portions that is now in my freezer. By freezing it I can use only a minimum of sugar, so that's good.

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