Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Style consultation

My new look?
I have discovered that in one of the big departmentstores in inner city one can now get a free style consultation, so I have now booked one. It is not until November, as there is a long waitinglist, but that's all right.
I find it a challenge to dress smart with the challenges of Lymphedema and I deperately need inspiration. I look forward to the consultation and I have high expectations. It is obviously something that they do to sell and I will probably buy something, but most important, I am taking lots of input and good ideas home with me to use for future buys and items I already have in my wardrobe.
There are two free consultations, a one-hour, and the other – the one I chose – a two-hour. One fills in an online form with measurements, wishes etc. and uploads a picture and then, upon arrival, the stylist has selected a number of outfits to try on. In the form there was a box called "Special considerations"
in which I explained the situation and also stated minimum width that trousers need to have.

Today I called the LymphaPress distributor to ask if the LymphaPress Optimal I am going to try would arrive soon, and they said they would send it today. It shall be interesting to try it.

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