Thursday, 4 August 2011


Having beaten around the bush for way too long I have now decided it is time to get a nightgarment. I have postponed it because I feel akward enough as it is with compression stockings, pumping, bandages and what have you, and because the time when I am in my bed with nothing on the leg is a haven. A time where I can feel almost as before Lymphedema. Almost normal.
Nevertheless, there is no doubts a nightgarment will do my leg good, and so it is foolish not to do it.

I have made an appointment next month with the
prosthetist where I also get my compression stockings from, they sell nightgarments by Jovipak and Mobiderm. I am going to have a chat with him about what might be good for me, and perhaps get a testgarment to try at home. I am very interested in learning about others experiences with nightgarments, both the above mentioned and other brands.  

Any readers wearing nightgarments – if so, which one?
Is it effective? 

Is it hot at night? 
Is it easy put on and take off?
How is the mobility, if any?

I just came across a tip about putting the garment in a plastic bag in the refrigerator during the day, leaving it nice and cool for the night. Supposively it "keeps its cool" pretty good through the night. Clever.

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