Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cargo pants and LymphaPress Optimal

The other day I purchased these funky cargo pants at eBay. You can find them here, they are 35$ plus shipping, and they ship worldwide. It was 12$ to here. I hope the legs are wide enough, but the do seem quite wide. They come in a number of different colours. I think I will cut those straps off. I wonder if I'm too old to wear such pants. Still, nearly 40 is different now to what it was say 25 years ago. Anyway, if I like them and they look good on me that's all that really matters.

I’ve got the LymphaPress Optimal at home to try for a week, a nine kilo monster and quite a challenge to get home on the back of the bicycle. Anyway, I've tried it three times so far and can do three more session before I must return it. Against all expectations I am not all that impressed. The tissue does soften up a little, but the foot, leg and ankle doesn’t feel as  drained as with the LymphaPress Mini. All three times I have measured my leg six places before and after pumping and at least half of the measurements have gone up! Really not the idea. This evening I am going to increase the pressure to 45 or 50 (was 40) and see if that’s better. More on this later.

Now is the time for making rosehipjam. I do that every year. A bit of a job to get the suckers ready, but the results is heavenly and worth every minute. This year I have been picking a little portion everyday – they grow in big numbers near my work – cleaned them and frozen them, and after my holiday that starts Wednesday I am going to make the jam. Doing a little everyday is not as tiring as doing three-four days of 2-hour sessions.


  1. Nice pants with a reasonable price of $35, i will check if these are available in additional colors, this one doesn't suit me.

    1. Hi Caprice, I just checked and they still have them - in a number of colors! Yes, good price, although the fabric is quite thin but that's good for Summer.