Tuesday, 23 August 2011

So long...

I was hoping I would have time for a post about the LymphaPress before my trip, but time is up, I leave for the airport in two minutes. See you soon!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Cargo pants and LymphaPress Optimal

The other day I purchased these funky cargo pants at eBay. You can find them here, they are 35$ plus shipping, and they ship worldwide. It was 12$ to here. I hope the legs are wide enough, but the do seem quite wide. They come in a number of different colours. I think I will cut those straps off. I wonder if I'm too old to wear such pants. Still, nearly 40 is different now to what it was say 25 years ago. Anyway, if I like them and they look good on me that's all that really matters.

I’ve got the LymphaPress Optimal at home to try for a week, a nine kilo monster and quite a challenge to get home on the back of the bicycle. Anyway, I've tried it three times so far and can do three more session before I must return it. Against all expectations I am not all that impressed. The tissue does soften up a little, but the foot, leg and ankle doesn’t feel as  drained as with the LymphaPress Mini. All three times I have measured my leg six places before and after pumping and at least half of the measurements have gone up! Really not the idea. This evening I am going to increase the pressure to 45 or 50 (was 40) and see if that’s better. More on this later.

Now is the time for making rosehipjam. I do that every year. A bit of a job to get the suckers ready, but the results is heavenly and worth every minute. This year I have been picking a little portion everyday – they grow in big numbers near my work – cleaned them and frozen them, and after my holiday that starts Wednesday I am going to make the jam. Doing a little everyday is not as tiring as doing three-four days of 2-hour sessions.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The dress

Finally the dress for the upcoming wedding is in place. I have chosen this beautyful baby by John Zach, purchased from www.fashionunion.com
I was a little concerned as to how it would look IRL, as it wasn’t all that nice where I ended up purchasing it, but a little cheaper than where I saw it first, and where this picture is from. Anyway, it lived up to my expectations and I think I will clean up nice. It's a little bit more turquoise than the picture.
I probably need to have it shortened a little unless I find some shoes with heels that I can get my foot into. I am not sure heels are a good idea though, as the foot will be pushed forward in the shoe and the upper material will gnaw into the forefoot. It will look akward and feel uncomfortable. It is mostly the discomfort I have in mind as the dress is floorlength anyway and hides the shoes.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Lymphedema in-flight exercises

I have created a page with my tips and exercises for long-haul flights or ie long train- or coachrides. It is filed under Pages in the right column, or use this link.

I will soon make use of them myself again, as I have a 9-10 hour busride from Edinburgh to London coming up. Hopefully there will be more than one stop along the way so I can get up and exercise the leg.

Update: Download a PDF-file with my inflight exercises here.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Style consultation

My new look?
I have discovered that in one of the big departmentstores in inner city one can now get a free style consultation, so I have now booked one. It is not until November, as there is a long waitinglist, but that's all right.
I find it a challenge to dress smart with the challenges of Lymphedema and I deperately need inspiration. I look forward to the consultation and I have high expectations. It is obviously something that they do to sell and I will probably buy something, but most important, I am taking lots of input and good ideas home with me to use for future buys and items I already have in my wardrobe.
There are two free consultations, a one-hour, and the other – the one I chose – a two-hour. One fills in an online form with measurements, wishes etc. and uploads a picture and then, upon arrival, the stylist has selected a number of outfits to try on. In the form there was a box called "Special considerations"
in which I explained the situation and also stated minimum width that trousers need to have.

Today I called the LymphaPress distributor to ask if the LymphaPress Optimal I am going to try would arrive soon, and they said they would send it today. It shall be interesting to try it.

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Having beaten around the bush for way too long I have now decided it is time to get a nightgarment. I have postponed it because I feel akward enough as it is with compression stockings, pumping, bandages and what have you, and because the time when I am in my bed with nothing on the leg is a haven. A time where I can feel almost as before Lymphedema. Almost normal.
Nevertheless, there is no doubts a nightgarment will do my leg good, and so it is foolish not to do it.

I have made an appointment next month with the
prosthetist where I also get my compression stockings from, they sell nightgarments by Jovipak and Mobiderm. I am going to have a chat with him about what might be good for me, and perhaps get a testgarment to try at home. I am very interested in learning about others experiences with nightgarments, both the above mentioned and other brands.  

Any readers wearing nightgarments – if so, which one?
Is it effective? 

Is it hot at night? 
Is it easy put on and take off?
How is the mobility, if any?

I just came across a tip about putting the garment in a plastic bag in the refrigerator during the day, leaving it nice and cool for the night. Supposively it "keeps its cool" pretty good through the night. Clever.