Thursday, 14 July 2011

Shopping for Lymphedema wear

Since my Lymphedema started, going out shopping is no fun at all. Finding trousers and shoes that fits the leg and foot is like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, webshopping is something else. How easy and comfy it is to browse from home, having all the shops in the wolrld only a click away, and then having looked and chosen, recieving the goods in my mailbox or at work – how much easier does it get?

Realizing how much hassle some lymphedemapeople have finding clothes and thinking of how I would have liked any tips on this I have launched a page here on the blog with my tips on shopping for Lymphedema clothes.
I have put the link in the right column on the main page, but you can take the fast lane here to check it out now.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Yesterday I went walking with a hiking club that I used to go walking with before Lymphedema. It was the first time since the Lymphedema started. Previously, I would sometimes go on 10-15 km walkingtours and also some weekend trips to Sweden, but since the Lymphedema began I for various reasons haven't been on any tours. In the beginning I had to learn what I could and couldn't do, then I was bandaged, then my walking shoes didn't fit, the route was too long, the weather was bad etc etc, but yesterday I finally managed to get going, and it was so good! Wonderful to go walking again, super nice area and really good to get out and meet some new, positive, genuine people. Now I will try and attend walking tours more often when there is a one that is right for me.

I was knackered when I got home though the tour was only 13 km. I guess it's about being used to it. The little toe on the lymphedemafoot had been squashed a little, but today it was back to normal – or as normal as it gets. It seems the foot and ankle is a little bigger today so I've put a little bandage on top of the stocking, just two rolls, and only for wearing indoors.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

LymphaPress Mini

I have now tried the LymphaPress Mini five times and I must say it is clearly better than the one I have (Pulse Press Multi 12). It makes a difference that it inflates from the foot upwards every time instead of all over at the same time. Especially my foot and ankle feels completely different and flexible with the LymphaPress, as if it has been completely emptied of extra lymph fluid. It wasn't perfect around the knee, and I am not all that keen on the boot with Velcro, but perhaps it is possible to get it with a zipper, and also, this one may not match my measurements a 100%. All in all it was better than the one I have now, so I will make the arrangements to apply for one. 

Oh man, was it hot and muggy yesterday, and it is building up again as I am writing this. I went out for brunch with a good friend, and when I came home after having cycled in the humid and warm air, I ran for the atomizer which I store in the fridge, and sprayed the compression stocking. Oh Heaven! The one I have is big, one liter. I did have a smaller one that I brought with me to Thailand and Laos in November, but I dumped it on the way since I never used it and it just took up room in my backpack. On my trip to England later this summer I am going to get some 100ml travel bottles with spray to have in my bag, I can see they have them in Boots.

Before the storm.
Here in Copenhagen we had a torrential rainstorm last night with thunder, lightning and all in a volume that no one can remember having lived to see before. Roads and basements were flooded, Tivoli Garden evacuated the guests, movie theatres closed and some areas were cut off from electricity. I live on the top of a hill so my building wasn't in trouble, but the window in my bedroom leaked at the frame when the rain came pounding directly on it with great power. It is an angled window like the ones you see in the roof on the picture. I managed to save my bed just in time and organise some containers to collect the water. I think we're in for more this evening...