Monday, 27 June 2011

Pumping and wrapping

For the good part of two weeks I've been pumping and wrapping almost every night and last weekend even pumping in the morning upon getting up. The measurements don't show any significant difference but the tissue becomes soft and the lymphfluid more sort of movable. I notice that when I (no stocking on) lie on my back in my bed with my knees pulled up to my chest, my feet are now next to each other instead of like before when the lymphedemafoot due to fluid was much higher up than the other. In other words; I can bend the lymphedemaleg more now.
I am getting better at wrapping, but I need many rolls of bandage. I have nine rolls of shortstretch bandage and that's what my Physical Therapist uses to wrap me, but I find it hard to get the bandage as compact as she can, with only nine rolls. Will ask her for some tips next time. Might have to get some more, was thinking of getting another set anyway.

I have already received the LymphaPress that I am to test, that was quick. Bit of a hassle to get the big box home on the bicycle. Unfortunately one little part was missing, but I will get that tomorrow. The trial period is only just over a week, so I will have to return in next Monday. Hopefully I can pump every night starting tomorrow and get an impression of it. I'm excited to try it. 

The pumping and wrapping has also meant that I can now wear my beloved old trainers/walkingshoes again. But only just, and I take it off under my desk at work.
The trick with spraying water on the compression stocking with a atomizer is not bad at all, it cools the leg, which is much needed on a day like today, it is very hot overhere at the moment.

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