Friday, 10 June 2011

On having flaws and handicaps as a younger person

There are many who have something. Also younger people. Among people I know, know of, or have known or known of I can list the following, all in their 30ties or early 40ties:

Sleep apnea. Must sleep with a mask that helps with breathing.
Hearing aid. (four people)
Psoriasis in the face and most of the body. (two in face+body, three body)
Marks/scars in the face and neck after removal of birthmarks.
Bad eye.

• Diabetes
Cerebral Palsy, suddenly onset in the 30ties.
Deformed and missing fingers and toes.

• Pacemaker
• Fibromyalgia
• Epilepsia as result of an injury
• Amputated finger
• Bad eyesight, going blind
In that light my swollen leg and the need for compression stocking is "just" my thing. Like so many others have "a thing". I don't think differently about these people because of their "things".
I don't take comfort knowing that someone is worse off than me, but I do take a little comfort that mine is not worse than it is. It is bad enough though, but maybe it helps a little to see it in light of the fact that it is not so unusual to have something. And I can even hide mine.

After my Lymphedema started I have become less judgemental of people who act or look more than a little different. Not that I was a horrible, judgdemental person before.
It's not always because someone is crazy that he or she behaves a little different, the person may have had a brain haemorrhage for example, and one is not necessarily fat because he or she is lazy and can't get his/her act together and lose weight, but because of an addiction beyond control or a disease that the person is not to blame for. And what if one was to blame? Nobody deserves to be sick.

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  1. Hi:-) I have secondary lymphedema, so I can relate to what you are saying. I got mine after cancer surgery and treatments, and it sure changes a life! Mine is from the ribcage down to my toes. Am looking to see if there is some way to email you so you can visit the lymphedema pages that helped me with it all. If not, do a google search on 'lymphedema people'. Pat has a page here on blogger too, so search Pat O'Connor or 'my life with lymphedema' and check it out (lots! of links with helpful info on primary lymphedema) Have a great day! Joy (aka: Zikki)