Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Let the search begin

This one, perhaps?
I have been invited to a wedding. It is not until September, but to not leave things to the last minute I have already started to look for a dress. September is here before we know it too. I do have a beautiful, long prom dress in the back of my wardrobe, but it is at least ten years old, worn and probably too short to hide the lymphedemaleg.
I am, in a way, looking forward to dress up big time, if the dress is beautiful, fits well and I feel comfortable. It is so important to feel comfortable. Can't count the times I have worn uncomfortable shoes, had pantyhoses falling down or causing spare tires, worried about the knickers showing etc, etc. I really can't be bothered with all that anymore. It's not fun. 

When I hear the word bothered, pronounced with Brit accent, I often think of this extremely funny video with Tony B and Catherine T.
Anyway, so far I have found a couple of dresses that I am going to have a closer look at, all online, from Denmark or abroad. The web sure is handy, one can get anything! At the moment I am waiting for some vanillapods I ordered from
I will have to get some shoes for the wedding too. I wonder if I can get my foot into a pair of heels. I will probably have to buy two pairs in different sizes as dressy shoes is no good for putting an insole into.

Update: Check out my tips on shopping for Lymphedema wear.

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