Tuesday, 21 June 2011

In line for a LymphaPress

Last week I phoned the company that sells the LymphaPress compressionpump overhere. I spoke with a real nice lady who put me on a waiting list for a pump to test. It will be interesting to try it once I get it. We talked a little about the pump I have now (Pulse Press Multi 12) and she said that it works by inflating from the foot upwards, but only the first time – from then on it inflates all over at the same time, which I don't think makes sense when the idea is to push the fluid up and away from the leg. I do think it works somewhat afterall, especially after I brought it to the physiotherapist who adjusted the settings to 30 seconds of pumping and 10 seconds pause, but it doesn't seem to bring the swelling down. The LymphaPress inflates from the foot upwards every time.

It turns out that the company I got mine from does not, as I had been told by the hospital who applied for it for me, have the competitive tendering on compression pumps in my area, they are just "really good friends", whatever that means – with the hospital, which is why I got this one and not ie a LymphaPress.

I'd be very happy for comments if you have experience with the LymphaPress. Thank you. All readers can see comments and benefit from them.


  1. Can you share the price you ourchased LymphaPress for?
    How effective was it?
    Please reply..I hope u do...

    1. Hi there, I got mine from the Health Service overhere and so didn't pay for it myself. I can only guess what the costs are and I think they are steep. It it effective indeed. If one is prepared to use it everyday, as many people do, I think it the best.
      Kind regards