Monday, 30 May 2011


I am planning a little staycation in my flat. Thursday this week is a bank holiday and I am taking Friday off too so that's four days, a little holiday. Very little. My plan is to read and do qi gong. A lot. I recently bought Buddenbrooks by Thomas Mann. I love to read, and especially as a child and teenager I used to read a lot. Not so much anymore as I often find it difficult to find the time, peace and concentration for it, but once I do get started on a good book I don't stop.
I plan to do two sessions of qi gong every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These days I do 16 minutes of standing and sometimes some additional exercises, but I want to increase to 20 minutes eventually, hopefully I can soon do perhaps 18 minutes and some excercises such as Ba duan Jin.
I am specifically planning to not do any housework or major cooking sessions (except one), which will mean no guilty concience for curling up with my new paperfriend.

Hopefully there will be time for another favorite activity; lying on my sofa watching the clouds drift by, listening to Leonard Cohens beautyful songs. My favorites are Alexandra Leaving and Love Itself, but also In my Secret Life and The Faith are special to me. He is such a unique artist. A gift to mankind, as I think it says in one of the comments on Youtube. The poetry, the simple but yet so fulfulling music. His deep voice oozes inner peace and goodness. I love that he is being celebrated so much while he is living, instead of just after passing.

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