Saturday, 21 May 2011


Yumm – toasted ryebread with avocado and crunchy, homegrown sprouts.

To try and make my diet a little healthier I have started sprouting again and today I harvested my first crop this time around. Sprouting is great, it's yummie, easy, cheap and very, very healthy. How handy it must be if living in ie Greenland, where nothing grows and the fresh produce they do get has to be flewn in and thus cost a fortune. Or the Australian outback where there could be hundreds of kilometers to the nearest town and one doesn't go grocery shopping every other day.
The ones I just made are alfalfa sprouts, but I have some samples of broccolisprouts, beetrootsprouts and some others that I'd like to try soon. I use a sproutbag.


  1. Have you tried sprouting lentils, garbonzo beans, black beans? They are super easy to do and only take 3 days rather than the 6 for alfalfa and broccoli, etc. I get my protein from sprouted beans. They have a nutty taste.

    Have fun.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    thanks for the tip, no I have only tried alfalfa so far, but now I'd like to try beans also. I might look into getting a sprouter.


  3. Hi again,
    all you need is a jar with a lid with holes punched in it or a screen for a canning jar lid. Put a cup or so of beans in the jar, fill with water, let it soak for 24 hours, drain, leave inverted to continue draining for another 24 hours, rinse, drain for 48 hours and you should have beans with little sprouts on their tails... Yummy in salads.

    Bread has lots of sodium in it. Be careful with the rye toast, etc. Bet you'd feel better without flour in your diet, or sugar...