Saturday, 28 May 2011

So long, old girls...

Today I have packed almost all of the old shoes that I can no longer get my feet into, at least not the lymphedema foot. They are going to my storage room in the basement. I could have thrown them out or given them away, but I feel it would be accepting that this is for life, and I am not ready to do that. Some of the shoes, however, I will try to sell some heels that I don't care that much for anyway. I hope that one day I'll be able to use some of my old companions again. Feeling a little sad now, looking at the picture. I am going to do the same with some skirts and dresses I have.
It looks a bit over the top with 16 pairs, but most of them are old.

I am still making sprouts, alfalfa again and now also chickpeas – or gabanzo beans as I now know they are called in America. They sure are delicious, chickpeas – can't help munch on them even though they are not done yet, hmm. I use a little sprouting jar for the peas, but any glass could do.

I have ordered as much as three pairs of trousers – two very light fabric summers trousers and one pair of very widelegged jeans, feeling excited to get them all.


  1. Horrible to say but it is good to see that its not only me with over 30 pairs of shoes in the basement and a lot of skirts and dresses. I don't want to give them up, I love them, i even have shoes and clothes i never have used. I just can't give it up. One day i will use them again :)

  2. Hi Aisha,
    exactly, can't give it up! We will use them again :-)
    Thanks for commenting!