Monday, 16 May 2011

My razor

I thought I'd bring a little tip about the razor I use for shaving my lymphedema leg (and the good leg too). The razor is called Intuition, I am sure many of you already know about it. Around the blades is a soap unit which acts as shaving foam and provides a very gentle, safeand smooth – shave. It is as if the skin is protected by the soap unit while shaved, one can hardly feel it, though it is very efficient. Before Lymphedema I would sometimes use this, and at other times an ordinary womens razor, but for the leg I dare no longer use an ordinary razor, too risky. A lymphedemagirl must take great care to not cut oneself due to the risk of infections, and I feel safe with this one. Although I find it very safe to use I still take extra care around the ankle, kneebend etc.
The units cost a fortune overhere so I usually stock up when abroad, ie in Boots when in London.

I just found out that California Dreaming is excellent rebounding material, the rythm and the duration is perfect for jumping! I've got it in a Forest Gump album on my computer, but you can listen to it here.

Have started up some alfalfa sprouts, they are to soak till tomorrow morning.


  1. I tried this razor and it works remarkably well. Even in the US it's a little expensive, but it's worth it for how little skin irritation it causes.

    1. It is indeed very gentle and so I also use it for armpits. I wonder if the units could be found cheaper online, perhaps on eBay.