Thursday, 19 May 2011

Compressionpump seeing the physiotherapist

My compression pump.

The new settings, pumping for 30 seconds, then resting for 10. Pressure apr. 50.

Yesterday I was at the physio therapist and I brought my compression pump. My bike sure was heavy loaded, as I had my giant bag with the pump, sheet, bandages and parashutepants and sandals for possible wrapping on the back, but I managed. When going home, I thought it was best to bring some balance to the vehicle, so I had to get a cream cake out of a bakery and put it in the basket in the front of the bike. What else could I do?
It was very interesting to bring the pump so my therapist could see it while it was working. She was not happy about the way it was pumping, but after she adjusted the settings and it had been running about half an hour while she performed MLD on my upper body it turned out that it had had an effect afterall. She could tell on the foot and feel that the tissue in the calf had loosened up some places with lumps of build up fluid before. I will be using it every night for a week or so, then going to see her again and I will measure the leg tonight and after the week of pumping
too see if there is any difference.
My therapist thought I should try and borrow a LymphaPress from the distributor, so I will do that. Apparently the LymphaPress works a little differently than my pump, it sort of "rolls" the air up the leg in a better way than mine and that is what it's all about – pushing the lymph upwards so that it can be distributed into the rest of the body.
It was also really good to get the settings adjusted. From now on it is 30 seconds of pumping and 10 seconds pause.

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