Monday, 25 April 2011

The flight

The long flight went really well in terms of Lymphedema. The longest bit was nearly 11 hours. I did as my physiotherapist had advised, and was often up walking, kicking my bum etc., and in the bathroom I would do 15 deep squats every time. I also did a lot of deep breating as well as some pelvic floor exercises. The leg was hardly marked by the flight upon arrival, fantastic! Also the trip home went fine, same procedure as the outward journey.

Update: See my tips and exercises for flying with Lymphedema here.

I'm back!

I am back from my trip to North East Asia. It's been fantastic, I have seen so much and had so many good times with wonderful people. Being with my little four-person group has been invaluable, we have had so much fun and it has done me a world of good. I think I've laughed more in the last five weeks than the last two years together, it's been wonderful! It's been going really well with my lymphedema leg, no problems. For the sake of archiving I am going to make a separate post about the flight. The lymphedema has behaved and no one has noticed anything. Some might say it is silly to be so inhibited about it but currently this is how it is. I'm not interested in the questions, pity and concern so I do what I can to hide it. Many times I shared hotelrooms with one of the others and at times it has been a challenge in terms of putting on and taking off the compression stocking, let alone washing and drying it, but I've found a solution every time. One time I could put it under the bed to dry, another time it hung under the jacket in the closet. 
We have eaten perhaps two thirds of all meals on the floor at low tables, shoes off, and it has not been a problem as I wore black microfiber stockings over the compression stocking so this could not be seen. I am glad that I had practised to sit cross-legged, it was hard enough as it was, but without practise I surely would have been up the creek. 
 It's good to be home. Yesterday my loving parents came to town to spend the day with me, how wonderful it was to see them again. Even though it's "just" been five weeks, it seems my Dad looked older.