Tuesday, 15 March 2011

My beautyful new skirt

Check out this beautyful long skirt I recieved yesterday! I ordered it just over a week ago, and hoped – but didn't think – it would get here before the trip, but it did, yippiii! I got it out of a place called missethnic.com, in Thailand. They have numerous, very beautyful and unique skirts and other things, I almost couldn't make up my mind which to buy.
It is very light, but still lined. Perfect for a summers day. I will bring it on the trip for special occations, to go with a white top and a colored scarf or shawl, if I can find one.

Update: Check out my tips on shopping for Lymphedema wear.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

MBT shoes

At Qi Gong training the other day one of the others wore MBT shoes. She is a physisian and knows about my lymphedema, and she thought it might be good for me to try MBT-shoes as lots of different muscles in the lower legs gets exercised and thus can stimulate the lymph flow. I tried her shoes, and it felt really good walking with them on, I felt like I was floating, as on the rolling sidewalks in airports. Subsequently I googled lymphedema and MBT’s and found a site where it said that the Vodder clinic in Austria recommends their patients to use MBT’s. I'd like to try, but boy, are they expensive! However, there are copies available, I saw some from Puma, or maybe it was Fila. Any readers out there who have experience with MBT shoes in relation to lymphedema, or any input on the matter?

Not long till the trip now. I hope we get to go, despite the terrible events in Japan. The situation is very distressing and worrying. Who knows what will happen if more nuclear plants explodes or melts down. I really feel that nuclear power is too dangerous for humans to be messing with at all. I've been to Japan and seen what nuclear radiation can do, and thus it seems odd that Japan of all places choses this source of energy. But, as my good friend suggested, it may be their only choise. I don't agree though.
I've decided what to do reg. the long flight from Europe to Asia. I am going to wear one of the old class three toecaps – the one that I have cut a hole in for the bunion – and when
aboard the big plane, I will put take the tocap on the outside of the stocking to minimize the pressure on the sensitive area. Last week I went to the physio twice and my therapist advised me to do plenty of exercises on the flight, both knee-kicking and -lifting, deep squats, deep breathing and pelvic floor exercises. I hope the flight will go well. If new readers since my trip in autumn have any advise as to flying with lymphedema, I'll be very grateful.

Update: See my tips and exercises for flying with Lymphedema here.