Friday, 4 February 2011

Shake that booty!

On Sunday I went to a Zumba class again – or Latin Mix, as it rightfully called in my gym. Wow! Some serious bumshaking going on – for my part attempted – I am looking forward to the day my hips, shoulders etc. begins to show signs of life! I couldn't believe how the instructor could do it so fast, it was crazy! Like a sambadancer in Rio! After the class I thought about asking if there was a beginners class, but I think one is supposed to be able to just walk in and do it, hmm. Hopefully I will get better at it over time, I'm also trying different teachers, they are probably all different. 

This week is the week of my wrapping marathon and so far it has exceded all expectations. I have been wrapped since Monday morning, with breaks and drainage each morning and so had it on during the night and all, and with no problems! I had my worries as to how the bunion and the sensitive area would react, but it's been going really well, what a relief! The leg is making progress, it looks better and the texture is soft and wobbly

I bought safflower oil for the juice the other day, a special offer at the shop I usually go to. I think I overdid it a little when I tried it, and I could taste it, must use a little less next time.

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