Sunday, 6 February 2011

New shoes, yay!

How lucky can you be? I've been shoeshopping today, got four pairs! They will, however, end up being two pairs to use. The three of them was a soft, wide shoe which can be used for a bit of everything, ie a long summer dress. I bought the three pairs because I wasn't sure of the sizes, will return one pair next week. Having tried them thoroughly at home now it seems that 39 for the left foot and 41 for the lymphedemafoot is it. They were avalable in red, black and silver, I got the silver ones.
The fourth pair I got from another shop where a pile of shoes was reduced beyond belief – from 299 DKK to 69, which is about 13$ or 8 GBP! They are off-white, fairly wide and with velcro straps. They look a little like childrens shoes, but I don't care, just happy to have some shoes, and my trousers are wide enough to cover the straps anyway. I bought size 40 even though 39 might have been best for the healthy foot, but 39 wasn't available and 40 does work on both feet. I hope they are wide enough, time will tell, but I've been wearing them a bit at home this afternoon and they are very comfy, yay!

I've almost eleminated salt from my diet. When I say almost, I mean that I don't add salt myself, but do eat food that others has prepared, food that may contain salt. So far it's been going really well, haven't really missed it. I guess the tastebuds adjusts, although I did expect them to take longer. Salt is supposively bad news for the lymphatic system.

Yesterday I went to a yoga class. I'd like to get a little more flexiblity in my legs, and I thought yoga might be the thing. Although the instructor was a dish I wasn't all that impressed with his class. Much times was spend spinning around oneself, sitting on the knees (not me) with closed eyes and feeling completely relaxed in the tounge and ears, hmm.


  1. Don't give up on the yoga, there are wonderful instructors out there and it really works. The problem I have had with yoga and the pelvic lymphedema is that I just can't do the positions that I used to, but I won't stop trying because yoga used to make me feel fantastic! And the yoga clothes are great since I'm all swollen. It's just about all I wear now...

    1. Hi there, thanks for writing and for encouraging me about the yoga :-) There is a certain place that another lympher from my area goes and she says it is doing wonders for her leg, only thing is it is pricey. Must save up as I'd really like to give it a try. It's great that yoga has worked so well for you too, good to hear!