Tuesday, 15 February 2011

At the gym

On Sunday I was at the gym for two classes, first a Flow Yoga I and then a LatinMix. Flow Yoga was much more what I need than the Hatha Yoga I wrote about in the last post. In this class I got my legs properly excercised and also did some stretching which will – if I keep going – lead to more flexibility. I think I will go again. At home I do some flexibility exercises for my legs. 
Yesterday I got to tick off one more thing on my to-do list before my upcoming trip to Korea, buying a new cast protector so I can shower with the stocking on. I will probably need it on the trip. I got it out of the pharmacy.

Since my wrapping marathon recently I have wrapped the lower leg some nights and it's been fine. Only a couple of times did I have to get up up and take it off during the night. Those bandages sure tangles up when washed in the washing machine. I think I am gonna get some more laundry bags and put a couple of bandages in each, then it is not one big bunch to detangle, but perhaps four or five smaller ones.

Other news; I have ordered some clothes which I am excited about recieving soon, there is a very nice, black lace top from eBay and a long white skirt from a Danish company. I am considering another skirt from eBay and a pair of trousers from Asos, more on this soon.

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