Friday, 25 February 2011


Sunday I went for a Flow Yoga class again, and it was good. It was another teacher than the first time, apparently there are two of them that take shifts. The instructor this time was also good, and part of the class was the same as last time, though not as much stretching and more sitting on the knees. I couldn't really do that and when the instructor noticed she came down to me. I said I had something with the lymphatic system, and then she asked me if I had Lymphedema and if I wore a compression stocking! Imagine someone who knew what it is! She was really sweet and showed me a different exercise than the others did and now I know that she is aware of my condition.
Although there wasn't quite as much stretching as the first time I do feel that I've been doing something, as my body felt rather beaten up the first couple of days after. Nothing compared to last time though, when it wasn't until one week after that I was back my my normal self!
I've stopped measuring my leg every morning and evening, now I do it only in the morning and not even every morning. My physical therapist thinks I should tone it down a little, maybe it was a little overkill, and contributing to making me hysterical if the measurements went up a little.

Last Friday I walked past a shop where they had some funky, wide shoes from a brand called Art in the window. They looked a little like El Naturalista or Fly London, they looked comfy – and festive too. Back home I googled the brand and found several places where they are sold, including this International one, at least for Europe:

The last few weeks the leg has been quite good, not as much fluid build up in the foot. I'm wondering if it is be because I have almost eliminated salt from my diet, or it might be the yoga. I've only been there two times, so probably not. Recently I haven't been drinking much water. I am not sure know what to think of this, some say "drink plenty of water" while others say "drink as little as possible". I suppose it could be the Qi Gong too. Could just be coincidence.

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