Sunday, 30 January 2011


Last Sunday I went to a Zumba class at my gym. I am going again this afternoon. I don't feel as flexible as I used to, maybe because of the Lymphedema, maybe I am getting old. In a couple of months time I am going on a trip to Korea. There will be quite a few business related restaurantmeals, and as I expect we will be sittting on the floor at low tables I want to see if I can get a bit more flexible and not feel too challenged by this. 

It was indeed a long time since I had been to the gym, but it was good to go, and Zumba – which is a kind of dance class – was fun and good. I almost got into a proper dancemode!
I also intend to attend a yoga class soon. I meant to try the Lymfyoga, but as I am a member of one gym already, and can't afford both, the gym's yoga class will have to do.

Yesterday I went to a wonderful shoe shop near me. They have a good selection of Angulus shoes (don't know if this brand is Danish and/or available in other countries) in ladies sizes and I tried two pairs, but didn't buy anything, they were quite pricey. One pair was very comfy though, and I think it would work for my troubled foot. Now I know my Angulus sizes, and hence a little less risky to buy online, since there is less chance they don't fit and have to be returned.

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