Friday, 14 January 2011

The shoehell

The Ichuan (Qi Gong) class has started up again after the holidays, and it's good to be back. I try to do  standing and some exercises every day. The other day I discovered that a little dodgyness – nothing serious – at my left shoulder, something I have noticed every time I've done standing ever since I started on the team is no longer there. I actually think it's been gone for a while, just haven't thought about it. It proves that this system works. I slowly get my body adjusted into what it should be. Whether I can correct my lymphatic system time will tell. Recently I went to see my chiropractor (whoom I have previously discussed the shoulder issue with, but could not do anything) and she said that my body is very good  indeed and completely different – mellow and healthy – than a year ago. I have seen her for many years.

I'm desperate for new shoes! Have searched high and low and tried many, but none fit. There is no room for the forefoot with the toecap on, the little toe gets squashed and it hurts. I bought a pair of casual shoes the other day,
when I tried them on they were fine at the toes, but now they gnaw. Have tried Duckfeet which had lots of lovely room for the toes, but it is a low and very stiff shoe (when they're new) they didn't fit well on my heel, and it is a lot of money for a pair of shoes that one can't know for sure how will sit when they are used a little and the leather is softer. They are also too cold for now.
Is there anyone out there who can recommend brands with plenty of room for the toes?

Angulus and Rieker is a little wider than many others (and my old pair of Angulus is super nice and wide, but the one for the right foot is too small now), but the variety in the stores I've been to is not impressive.
Yesterday I made Popeye juice – apple, lemon, zucchini and spinach. Lots of chlorophyll. Tasted allright, will make it again. In the future I'd like to do more green juices, I have a couple more recipes to try. Haven't been drinking wheatgrass juice since before my Asia trip, but is planning a major comeback this spring.

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