Saturday, 22 January 2011


I have bought some UGGs, two pairs, one in 39 and one in 41. There is room for the little toe and they are nice and warm. Support wise they are not particularly good to walk in, but for now the priority is to give the little toe and environs space to recover. Soon I am going to be wrapped for good part of a week – in a responsible manner with breaks and drainage – and I very much hope that the little toe and the bunion can be ready for that challenge. My lower leg indeed need some bandaging, but I have not dared, and my Physiotherapist didn't either last time I was there, due to the sensitive area.

Recently I wrote a renowned radiodoctor in my country to ask about something reg. heavy metals and lymphedema. My suspicion about this appeared mostly to be a blind alley, but he attached an article he wrote about something called glyconutrition. The healthy sugar. In the article he sayes that patients with conditions of genetic errors sometimes see a good effect from glyconutrition. I had never heard of glyco before and perhaps it is no use in my case, but I will try it, even if it may prove to be a waste of money. Imagine if it is not! I don't expect instant cure, but I want to see if it can make some kind of positive difference. As always, I am very interested if anybody out there should have input about this that they'd like to share. Thanks.

I wish you all a great weekend.

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