Friday, 10 December 2010

Dry skin etc.

The other day I ordered a new Easy-Slide (aid to put on the compressionstocking) from Before my Thailand-Laos trip, I managed to fix the broken loop of the old one, but already on one of the first days out there the loop simply came off. I could just use the tattered remains, but had brought one of the little slides that comes with the compressionstocking from Medi, and so I've mostly used that, as it was too much hassle with the broken one. I have ordered a size large because I feel the old one probably should have been a tiny bit bigger, that was medium and I use/used size 38-39 in shoes.

The skin on my legs is really dry, I noticed the other night, so the lymphleg got a good glug of Decubal, the greasy – and smelly – cream I sometimes use. I am going to get some oil soon to mix with my juice soon, I ran out shortly before the trip, so it's been a while now, and thus no wonder the skin is dry, especially now with very dry air from heaters, etc. I like to use the Udo's Choise as it supposively is the perfect mix of Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Saturday I went to a Christmas outing with the Qi Gong team, and it was really pleasant. They are good people and I'm happy to have joined the team. On my trip I didn't find the peace and opportunities to practice as much as I had hoped, but I managed to most days do 7-10 minutes standing, and a couple of times the Ba Duan Jin exercises.

On the journey I sometimes used a cast protector I got from the pharmacy, it's just at thin plastic one and it has been leaking a little, but I found that putting a small rubbishbag on the foot first, with a rubber band to keep it in place, and then the cast protector – sometimes with a small towel around the lining of the stocking, inside the protector. It's good to have the option of a shower at other times than getting up and going to bed, espcially in a hot and humid climate.

The four weeks was not quite enough to give me the peace and the feeling of really being away, sitting somewhere else looking at my life at home, a feeling I have experienced in my longer trips years ago. However, it has still been good to be away and have a break from my life at home, I needed it too. Imagine needing a break from ones life, something's wrong then. And there is, obviously.

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