Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Christmas!

My leg is doing better, it had expanded a little on the trip, but the cooler temperatures and to be home following my usual routines has brought it down to close to what it was before the trip. I've been to the Physiotherapist three times since my return, the two of which I got bandaged and I have also wrapped the leg myself a couple of times. Some days I put a light bandage on the outside of the stocking on the lower leg, that works really well on me.

My foot hasn't been all that great lately, it gets squashed in the shoe, and the cold somehow makes it worse. Yesterday I had pain on one of my sensitive spots, which was even turning a little blue-ish when I took the stocking off at the Physio's. At that time I had been standing in the cold waiting for a bus for 35 minutes though. My shoes are quite good apart from now being too small for the lymphedema foot, they are hiking-style Salomon's, and it is the only shoes I can actually wear now with winter, but I hope I can find some new and better at the upcoming sale, some with room for my toes. Will probably have to buy two pairs in two different sizes, but that's life. As much as I no longer enjoy shopping I really do have to find something, shoes as well as clothes.

The weather is crazy here, this morning it was -17°C where I work, arghh! Almost too cold to handle. A place not so far from here it was -22,5° – hasn't been that cold since 1981! Really beautyful with the snow though, like a fairytailland.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas!

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