Sunday, 12 December 2010

Date balls

Yesterday I finally managed to get out and get some Udo's Choise for my juice. It's good to be juicing again and now I can complete it with the oil. I also got some big, beautiful pomegranates, they provide a nice flavor and a silky smooth and delicious texture to the juice. I think I might freeze some for smooties and salads later. It's supposively one of the healthiest things one can offer the body so I am stocking up now that they are available and in season.

Today I made my delicious – and healthy date balls. They are fairly Chrismassy, but I make them throughout the year. It has been a while since I last made them, but now I finally have some dates and almonds, and I had the time. Here comes the recipe:

Healthy, yummi date balls 

Equal parts of dates (dried) and almonds (with skin) – though perhaps a little more dates 
Spices – I use white pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, all ground 
Cocoa powder 
A little bit of water or orange juice (very little)

the almonds in a food processor or electric mini-chopper. Add the rest of the ingredients and taste as you go. The mixture should be of a consistency so you can roll balls. These can be tossed in finely chopped almonds or eaten as they are. Store in cool place. Yum!
Instead of dates only you can use a mixt of apricots, raisins, almonds etc. You can also use other nuts than almonds.


Thursday and Friday I went to the physio. My therapist thought my leg looked OK, all things considered. She wrapped it and told me to wrap the lower leg at night myself and also do some exercises. I hope we will soon get the leg back to the fine state it was in before the trip, I think we will.
I have started using the lymphedemapump a little again, it has been collecting dust for a long time (see here why), but before the trip I learned how to do selvdrainage, so now I feel OK using it and I need its help. I have previously had it on about 90 but my therapist told me to turn it down to 40-50, so that I do.


  1. The date balls sound delicious and healthy. Glad to see that your leg is okay. Have a great week!

  2. Hi Jackie, yes the date balls are great, try 'em!
    Thanks, a great week to you too :-)