Tuesday, 30 November 2010


That was the time when I, after realizing that I couldn't sleep anymore, looked at the clock. Went to bed half past eight yesterday and Sunday night (arrived home Sunday morning) I fell asleep after the first spot in the 7-news.

The journey home went OK and better than the outward journey. I wore the old grade three toecap and having boarded the plane I put the toecap outside the compression stocking. I wore my trekkingsandals but took them off most of the time. One of my two pressure sensitive places played up a little and I had to get up to walk and stand now and then but the situation was far better than the outward journey, so that was good. I don't think the leg has gone much bigger from the flight, but I still wrapped it Sunday night. Had to take it off around midnight though.
Update: See my tips and exercises for flying with Lymphedema here.
Some winter landscape I came home to! From one extreme to the other as Bangkok was almost 30°C. This morning it was -6°.

The last week and a half on the trip I wrapped the leg every night and perhaps I should have done from the start. I don't know if it would have made any difference in the end, but maybe it would.

Tomorrow I am going to see my little nephew and nieces, I bought them mini tuktuk's made of Coke cans, I think they are gonna love them.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Travelling in Laos

Hi all, sorry I have been silent for so long, I am travelling in Southeast Asia, have been since my last post. Life is good, really enjoy being out here again.
I started my journey in Bangkok, spent a couple of days there browsing and eating, have been there before so no sightseeing this time. Went with nighttrain to the Lao border and headed for Vientiane, the capital. Then on to Phonsavan to see the Plain of Jars which I missed when in Lao ten years ago. Very intriquing. The jars were used for burrial. I finished my Lao adventure in wonderful Luang Prabang by the mighty Mekong river, had a gorgeous time. Flew to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, didn't like what the city has become, but really only meant to use it as a gateway to the North anyway and to have some jeans made at tailor, will post photo when home - still using film camera, so no uploading. Have spent a lovely time at Cave Lodge in Tham Lot, what a great place! Run by cool Aussie dude.
Staying at The Nest in Chiang Dao at present, the place looks like something out the The Hobbit, very cute.

My leg is doing OK. It is bigger now than before due to the heat and humidity I assume, but perhaps also because I haven't been eating as healthy as when home, and probably should drink even more water than I do. Have wrapped the leg a couple of times and will do it tonight and the next couple of nights to make the compression stocking fit better, it has been a little more difficult to get on than usual and the measurements have gone up.

Flight from Europe to Bangkok was not good, the new stockings and especially the toecaps are very tight, so had some pain on my vulnarable spots and had to get up and walk around every hour or so. Have a plan as of what to do for the trip home, will wear my old toecap which is only grade three whereas the new ones are grade two, and will put it over the stocking, even though it is supposed to be under, which I usually do. The foot and lower leg will probably be a little bigger by the time I get home, but will deal with it then, can wrap it on the first night back and will probably see Physio the first week anyway.

Update: See my tips and exercises for flying with Lymphedema here.