Saturday, 30 October 2010


Wonderful! I have been granted bandages for bandaging the entire leg, quite an achievement. It did involve a million phonecalls, faxes, explanations, misunderstandings etc, but everything is sorted now, I have the wrappings – and I am hanging on to them! The prosthegist had never before seen so many materials being paid for by NHS, usually one has to pay for much of it oneself, but my super-hero Physiotherapist has been fantastic and really helped me a lot advocating for my needs.

I've got nine rolls of short stretch bandage, tube gauze, gauze for the toes and cotton wool padding. My loving dad picked it all up for me, very helpful. The second new compression stockings has also arrived, great!


  1. HI, I was excited to read your blog - first time Ive ever read a blog!

    I have primary lymphoedema, which is generalised.

    I envy your easy access to RESOURCES, I live 3 hours from the nearest lymphoedema therapist, and in a hot, dry Australian climate.

  2. I am pleased for you! I'll be glad when you make another post!

  3. Hi anonymous Aussie :-)
    Sorry about the late reply. Thank you for reading my blog :-)
    Three hours from the nearest therapist, arghh! Oz is such a vast country and the distances are massive. Have travelled in your wonderful land a couple of times and know hot unbearably hot it can be. Where are you? How do you handle the Lymphedema in the heat?