Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Flying with Lymphedema

Soon I will be going on a long flight, first from Copenhagen to Vienna and then the big one from Vienna to Bangkok. The latter is almost 10 hours and I'm a little concerned about my lymphleg and how it is going to react. Since I got my Lymphedema I have only flown the short trip to London and that went fine, but this is something else. I am afraid that the edema will go beserk, I will get a blood clot in the leg or something else. Should I tell the flight attendants that I have Lymphedema, in case something happens? My physiotherapist recommends me to put a small bandage on the lower leg on top of the compression stocking and also make sure to do some excercises while flying. Anybody out there has any further tips or calming words?

Update: See my tips and exercises for flying with Lymphedema here.

New: Download a PDF-file with my inflight exercises here.

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