Friday, 8 October 2010

At the fitter

Yesterday I went to the fitter to have measurements for the new compression stocking taken. It was wonderful to get the bandages off and I am so pleased to be able to cycle and move freely again – even if only for four or five days before I am to be wrapped up again to be ready for the new stocking. I had been talking with my physiotherapist about ordering the new compression stocking with extra compression (grade 4) in the lower leg (I have 3 now), but in the end she thought it was too risky. We will have to see whether it can hold it anyway, if not I suppose we can order grade four in the lower leg next time. The fitter thought we should just make one stocking before my big trip to Thailand soon, and then see how things are when I get home. I was hoping I would have two for the trip, but it's probably better this way.

I've bought a bathing holster, it's a cover for the leg if you have bandages or a cast on, or a compression stocking and you'd like to have a shower say in the middle of the day or before going out for the evening. Today I was to test it, feeling all excited, as it is a brilliant invention. It seemed promising because the elastic band was good and tight but unfortunately there was some leaks there, so the bandages got a little wet, bummer. Maybe one is meant to fold the frill sort of down inside the cover, making it more waterproof, I will try that next time.

The self wrapping has been going better that I had expected, and it is not as dificult as I thought. Being
able to bandage oneself is a really good option to have, especially for emergencies. Now I just need to practice. The physiotherapist said on Monday, having bandaged myself during the weekend, that I had kept it down really good. That was nice to hear. I too think it went well, at least on the foot and lower leg. Now I just have to learn how to do MLD on myself.


  1. I'm glad to see everything is going well. I was diagnosed with lymphedema about a year ago,too. I was an elementary teacher, I just retired, as it is too hard to stand on my feet all day.That has helped me so much. keep on writing! Even though some don't want to follow publicly, I'm sure some are reading!

  2. Hi Jackie, thank you for your comment :-)
    I am sorry to hear you have had to give up your work, but good that's it has helped you! Such a relief when improvements appear. My leg is much better now that I have proper treatment from my very professional physiotherapist instead of the hospital where I were before, and over time I think she will make my leg even better, along with my own work of selfbandaging. Have you tried bandaging?
    You are probably right about some don't want to follow publicly, but still read. Also, I think it takes time for a blog to get started and for people to find out that it's there. I am happy that I do have two followers :-)