Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wrapped again

I am wrapped up again, now the whole leg. It feels rather stiff, but that's how it is, isn't it. It does sit fairly good, although slightly tight on top of the ankle, I hope I can endure having in on till tomorrow where I am seeing the Physio again. I am curious of how it will look when we take it off.I'm tired. Off work tomorrow and had planned to go to a Qi Gong class in the morning before physio but I think I'll stay at home and relax, don't feel like going anyway with the leg all stiff. The not-going will give me plenty of time to indulge in freshly baked roles, I have just made the dough.


  1. Hello,
    Have been dealing with lymphedema since October 2012. I have secondary lymphedema from surgery having eight lymph nodes removed on both sides of my groin. Wanted to post and let you know I purchased the “Lounge Doctor” pillow I believe I found his ad on your blog. The other day when I started using it my husband came in the room and said he could actually see my ankles going down. It is very comfortable to use and only takes 20 minutes.
    I am also wrapping at night now both legs with the help of my husband. He has become quite proficient at it. I also go for MLD once a week with a great Massage Therapist in our area.
    Thanks for your great blog it has really helped.

    1. Hi Cathy, thanks for writing :-) The Lounge Doctor pillow looks really comfy and the price is really not too bad, I think. These pillows usually costs a fortune.
      Hats off to you for wrapping both legs every night! It is so nice to hear that your husband helps you, it must be so wonderful to have someone to lean on like that, not only for the wrapping itself but for caring and understanding so much that he actively takes part in your treatment.
      Thank you for your kind words and thanks for contributing.
      Warm regards