Friday, 10 September 2010

Wrapped in marshmallows

Yesterday I had another session of MLD. After drainage my therapist bandaged my leg, but only the lower, to just under the knee. It felt fine, and this morning when I took it off the leg looked good, the edema had gone down a fair bit. The therapist had also placed some little items on top of the forefoot as well as on both sides of the ankle to create a little more shape, and it worked.
On part of the leg I had a new-to-me bandage with small "marshmallows" strewn between two layers of thin fabric. It is to go underneath the usual compression garment. The product is called Mobiderm and I think it is relatively new within Lymphedema treatment, at least not many years old. A quick search on the web suggests that the dressing has shown good results and I think it sounds exciting. Will google more soon. I copied the following from the importer's website:

MOBIDERM have no compression in itself but works by generating a pressure difference between the areas where foam squares are located and the surrounding skin. This stimulates the microcirkulation. The effect is intensified by excercise of the affected area.

Advantages of the use of Mobiderm:
Achieve rapid mobility of subcutaneous tissues

• Improve the suppleness of indurated skin surfaces
• Prepare the tissues to achieve more efficient venolymphatic drainage

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