Monday, 6 September 2010

Sunday morning

How wonderful Sunday morning is, especially when the day is as beautiful as today. Septembers sky is so blue...
I long for the time before lymphedema where I could potter around in my PJ sipping coffee, reading the paper and surfing the web as long as I fancied and shower when it suited me. I have to have the compression stocking from I wake up till I go to bed, so now I shower first thing and put the stocking on right away. It's not good to take it on and off more than necessary. Oh well, one adjusts so now the morning routine just starts after the shower and is otherwise business as usual.I find that even relatively small things can send the liquid downwards so when showering I stand most of the time with the leg up on the toilet and thus outside the rays of water – yes, my bathroom is quite small – and when done I put my foot as high up on the wall as I can and rinse with the showerhead from foot to groin 5-10 times to rinse soap off and lead the fluid away from foot and ankle. Currently I have only one stocking, so when rinsing it I stand with my leg up on toilet roll holder. Bizzare scenario, I know...I feel however, as mentioned in another post, that after I have started doing Qi Gong every day the fluid doesn't seem to build up as quickly as before.
Tonight I am going out with my family, we are going to the Tivoli Gardens to have a meal and see a show, looking forward to that. I am going to wear my good dress, it is perhaps the last chance this year, as autumn is approaching. Found out that I could get myself into my beloved golden sneakers if I take the sole out, super!

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