Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Skincare from the inside

A while ago at the hospital where I received "treatment" before I found the wonderful lymphedematherapist I see now, I was told by a an American lady from a company producing wrappings, that I had very nice skin. I assume she meant my leg and thereby fine skin for a lymphedemapatient. I haven't had any greater problems than a couple of dry furrows a couple of places on the foot either even though I almost never apply lotion, apart from sometimes on the troublespots on the foot. The other day I realized that part of the success is likely to be connected with my daily oil intake. I add a tablespoon of coldpressed oil in my juice every day and thus coveres a portion of the skin's need for fat. In the "old days", especially in winter, I would splash myself in lotion several times a week, but last winter (with lymphedema) I didn't even do it five times! 
My sister-in-law's mum once said that she took two tablespoons of safflower oil each day and that she didn't use lotion at all, not even moisturizer on her face. That's something, isn't it, rather than to rub oneself with chemicals.
Ideally I would like to only use Udo's Choice as it presumably is the perfect blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9, but it is a little expensive so often I use a good cold pressed, organic rapeseed oil instead, one that is fairly neutral flavourwise. Flaxseed oil is supposed to be really good too, but again, pricey. Some say "yuk" at the thought of "drinking oil", but the truth is that you can't taste, let alone feel the oil in the juice.
I also eat avocado and nuts which both contain good fat. And sardines.

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  1. I will give the safflower oil a shot. I would say that given what works,works.It is worth remembering that why your leg swells is due to the effects of gravity and that standing still does not allow the pumping action of the garments to work in your favor.