Monday, 6 September 2010


On Thursdag I went to my second time with MLD. Oh man, how comfy it is. Very relaxing, I almost fell asleep. I really feel I am in good hands.
As of
measurements of the other night, three of the six was smaller than in the morning, but I can see that has happened before. One would think that they would always be slightly larger in the evening than the morning, and that is often the case, but not always. It shall be interesting to see if all the measuments generally goes down a little when treatment has gone on for a little longer.
The physiotherapist gave me a little task, use a tennis ball to sort of knead/massage the foot with in order to make the foot softer and more flexible as it apparently is a little stiff for the time being. I am going to do that, will buy a tennisball next week. I sit down most of the time on my work, so I can easyly do it under my desk. In one of those "1$-shops" very near the clinic I bought a small vaporizer that I will bring on a trip, I'll be going on soon. The physiotherapist gave me a "hot-weather-tip"; to spray water on the stocking in 

order to cool.

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