Monday, 20 September 2010

Looking good

Last night I had a shower and upon drying my hair afterwards I looked at my body in the mirror, and my leg looked really good, even though it was Sunday evening and I haven't had wrappings on since Friday. Actually, my leg looked so fine that if you did not know it, you would not immediately notice that something was wrong. If you knew it, you could see it though. The measurements are still smaller than when we started wrapping, that's impressive, isn't it? I'm so happy with my physiotherapist.

After the shower I put some coconut oil the leg and covered with a towel to let it absorb before going to bed. Although my skin looks nice and not dry, the physiotherapist still thinks I should put lotion on every day to nourish the skin. I believe that the best nourishment comes from within through diet but I guess lotion or oil can do something too, so I will do so, if not every day then maybe a couple of times a week or so.

The physiotherapist thought I should try to stay off my trampoline for a while to see if rebounding actually does me more harm than good. Although I am convinced that jumping is good and it was obvious when I started that the calf went soft, I will do as I'm told.

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