Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Today I have been to the Physio and been bandaged again. I am going again tomorrow morning and Friday morning. Friday afternoon I am going to have my leg measured for a new compression stocking. I am going to try to learn how to bandage myself.
I have started taking B-vitamin as a preparation for my Thailand trip coming up, it is for mosquitoes. When I first started taking them in the spring I was a bit startled when my pee went green – apparently if the body can not absorb it all, then the rest comes out with the urin – and it's green. Very festive!
The compression stocking hasn't been fitting very good lately but I think it's because the treatment has made my leg a little smaller and different than before, and perhaps also due the the stocking being worn. I have worn it every day since early June. It will be exciting with the new one, it is going to have extra compression in the foot and lower leg, and little pockets on the side of the lower ankel for pillots. On the toecap the seam will be placed somewhere else than on the inside of the foot where it is now.
Today and the rest of the week I am off work, a combination of treatment, time off and little work-from-home. I only have a little work to do so today I relaxed, prepared the mixture for my overnight coldrised bread and I have ordered goods from Strawberrynet – including luxurious hair products from Alterna which I am excited to try. It's been a while since I ordered last time, but now they missed me so much that on top of my 7.5%
loyaltybonus and 4% "buy-more-save-more" they gave me a 14% "miss-you" discount, so now was the time to stock up on needed items.
Now I am gonna go have a sit in the garden and read for a bit, the weather is beautyful. Must also eat some of my pickled green tomatoes I made this weekend, soooo delicious!

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