Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Today I have been to the Physio and been bandaged again. I am going again tomorrow morning and Friday morning. Friday afternoon I am going to have my leg measured for a new compression stocking. I am going to try to learn how to bandage myself.
I have started taking B-vitamin as a preparation for my Thailand trip coming up, it is for mosquitoes. When I first started taking them in the spring I was a bit startled when my pee went green – apparently if the body can not absorb it all, then the rest comes out with the urin – and it's green. Very festive!
The compression stocking hasn't been fitting very good lately but I think it's because the treatment has made my leg a little smaller and different than before, and perhaps also due the the stocking being worn. I have worn it every day since early June. It will be exciting with the new one, it is going to have extra compression in the foot and lower leg, and little pockets on the side of the lower ankel for pillots. On the toecap the seam will be placed somewhere else than on the inside of the foot where it is now.
Today and the rest of the week I am off work, a combination of treatment, time off and little work-from-home. I only have a little work to do so today I relaxed, prepared the mixture for my overnight coldrised bread and I have ordered goods from Strawberrynet – including luxurious hair products from Alterna which I am excited to try. It's been a while since I ordered last time, but now they missed me so much that on top of my 7.5%
loyaltybonus and 4% "buy-more-save-more" they gave me a 14% "miss-you" discount, so now was the time to stock up on needed items.
Now I am gonna go have a sit in the garden and read for a bit, the weather is beautyful. Must also eat some of my pickled green tomatoes I made this weekend, soooo delicious!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Looking good

Last night I had a shower and upon drying my hair afterwards I looked at my body in the mirror, and my leg looked really good, even though it was Sunday evening and I haven't had wrappings on since Friday. Actually, my leg looked so fine that if you did not know it, you would not immediately notice that something was wrong. If you knew it, you could see it though. The measurements are still smaller than when we started wrapping, that's impressive, isn't it? I'm so happy with my physiotherapist.

After the shower I put some coconut oil the leg and covered with a towel to let it absorb before going to bed. Although my skin looks nice and not dry, the physiotherapist still thinks I should put lotion on every day to nourish the skin. I believe that the best nourishment comes from within through diet but I guess lotion or oil can do something too, so I will do so, if not every day then maybe a couple of times a week or so.

The physiotherapist thought I should try to stay off my trampoline for a while to see if rebounding actually does me more harm than good. Although I am convinced that jumping is good and it was obvious when I started that the calf went soft, I will do as I'm told.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wrapped again

I am wrapped up again, now the whole leg. It feels rather stiff, but that's how it is, isn't it. It does sit fairly good, although slightly tight on top of the ankle, I hope I can endure having in on till tomorrow where I am seeing the Physio again. I am curious of how it will look when we take it off.I'm tired. Off work tomorrow and had planned to go to a Qi Gong class in the morning before physio but I think I'll stay at home and relax, don't feel like going anyway with the leg all stiff. The not-going will give me plenty of time to indulge in freshly baked roles, I have just made the dough.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Wrapped in marshmallows

Yesterday I had another session of MLD. After drainage my therapist bandaged my leg, but only the lower, to just under the knee. It felt fine, and this morning when I took it off the leg looked good, the edema had gone down a fair bit. The therapist had also placed some little items on top of the forefoot as well as on both sides of the ankle to create a little more shape, and it worked.
On part of the leg I had a new-to-me bandage with small "marshmallows" strewn between two layers of thin fabric. It is to go underneath the usual compression garment. The product is called Mobiderm and I think it is relatively new within Lymphedema treatment, at least not many years old. A quick search on the web suggests that the dressing has shown good results and I think it sounds exciting. Will google more soon. I copied the following from the importer's website:

MOBIDERM have no compression in itself but works by generating a pressure difference between the areas where foam squares are located and the surrounding skin. This stimulates the microcirkulation. The effect is intensified by excercise of the affected area.

Advantages of the use of Mobiderm:
Achieve rapid mobility of subcutaneous tissues

• Improve the suppleness of indurated skin surfaces
• Prepare the tissues to achieve more efficient venolymphatic drainage

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Skincare from the inside

A while ago at the hospital where I received "treatment" before I found the wonderful lymphedematherapist I see now, I was told by a an American lady from a company producing wrappings, that I had very nice skin. I assume she meant my leg and thereby fine skin for a lymphedemapatient. I haven't had any greater problems than a couple of dry furrows a couple of places on the foot either even though I almost never apply lotion, apart from sometimes on the troublespots on the foot. The other day I realized that part of the success is likely to be connected with my daily oil intake. I add a tablespoon of coldpressed oil in my juice every day and thus coveres a portion of the skin's need for fat. In the "old days", especially in winter, I would splash myself in lotion several times a week, but last winter (with lymphedema) I didn't even do it five times! 
My sister-in-law's mum once said that she took two tablespoons of safflower oil each day and that she didn't use lotion at all, not even moisturizer on her face. That's something, isn't it, rather than to rub oneself with chemicals.
Ideally I would like to only use Udo's Choice as it presumably is the perfect blend of Omega 3, 6 and 9, but it is a little expensive so often I use a good cold pressed, organic rapeseed oil instead, one that is fairly neutral flavourwise. Flaxseed oil is supposed to be really good too, but again, pricey. Some say "yuk" at the thought of "drinking oil", but the truth is that you can't taste, let alone feel the oil in the juice.
I also eat avocado and nuts which both contain good fat. And sardines.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Sunday morning

How wonderful Sunday morning is, especially when the day is as beautiful as today. Septembers sky is so blue...
I long for the time before lymphedema where I could potter around in my PJ sipping coffee, reading the paper and surfing the web as long as I fancied and shower when it suited me. I have to have the compression stocking from I wake up till I go to bed, so now I shower first thing and put the stocking on right away. It's not good to take it on and off more than necessary. Oh well, one adjusts so now the morning routine just starts after the shower and is otherwise business as usual.I find that even relatively small things can send the liquid downwards so when showering I stand most of the time with the leg up on the toilet and thus outside the rays of water – yes, my bathroom is quite small – and when done I put my foot as high up on the wall as I can and rinse with the showerhead from foot to groin 5-10 times to rinse soap off and lead the fluid away from foot and ankle. Currently I have only one stocking, so when rinsing it I stand with my leg up on toilet roll holder. Bizzare scenario, I know...I feel however, as mentioned in another post, that after I have started doing Qi Gong every day the fluid doesn't seem to build up as quickly as before.
Tonight I am going out with my family, we are going to the Tivoli Gardens to have a meal and see a show, looking forward to that. I am going to wear my good dress, it is perhaps the last chance this year, as autumn is approaching. Found out that I could get myself into my beloved golden sneakers if I take the sole out, super!


On Thursdag I went to my second time with MLD. Oh man, how comfy it is. Very relaxing, I almost fell asleep. I really feel I am in good hands.
As of
measurements of the other night, three of the six was smaller than in the morning, but I can see that has happened before. One would think that they would always be slightly larger in the evening than the morning, and that is often the case, but not always. It shall be interesting to see if all the measuments generally goes down a little when treatment has gone on for a little longer.
The physiotherapist gave me a little task, use a tennis ball to sort of knead/massage the foot with in order to make the foot softer and more flexible as it apparently is a little stiff for the time being. I am going to do that, will buy a tennisball next week. I sit down most of the time on my work, so I can easyly do it under my desk. In one of those "1$-shops" very near the clinic I bought a small vaporizer that I will bring on a trip, I'll be going on soon. The physiotherapist gave me a "hot-weather-tip"; to spray water on the stocking in 

order to cool.