Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My new therapist?

Recently I called a lymphedema therapist in another part of the country, a therapist that I had met at the patient associations yearly meeting earlier this year, I wanted to ask her if she knew of any physiotherapists in the Copenhagen area where treatment is covered by national health insurance. She knew of a couple, and so I called one near me. The therapist I wanted was on holiday, but is now back and I rang and spoke with her yesterday. How happy I was afterwards, and still am! She was very, very sweet to speak to and I already feel I am being taken care of. Like the other place up North I called a while back, she was horrified to hear about the no-good six-week wrapping at the hospital and of the fact that it was nurses, not doctors or physical therapists conducting treatment there (at the hospital). Anyway, I have now made an appointment for a consultation on 26 August where we will talk, she will look at my leg and we will make a plan. I am so pleased and also a little nervous (good nervous) how it will go. Maybe it will be no better than the at hospital, but I feel pretty sure that it will be better. I keep thinking about what they said up North: "A machine (lymphedemapump) can never replace a pair of human hands."
Today I have been to a funeral, the Dad of a good friend of me and my family. I feel quite drained now, funerals is one thing one never really gets used to, eh. Some beautyful psalms, including this one, which is one of my favourites. Also found this unusual version. Very dramatic construction, I find. The title translates "See, the sun is rising (from the oceans lab)".

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