Sunday, 8 August 2010

A magic garden

This picture is from the moore (I snatched it from the web), and not where I sat,
but similar, only my secret place was even more tranquil, peaceful, lovely.

Yesterday I trained (Qi Gong/Ichuan/Yiquan) at a wonderful place at the moore near me.
is a little secret place, as you only if you know it is there, can find it. Especially here in the summer when vegetation is quite dense it is impossible to see from the path. There is a bench litterally one step from the waters edge and sitting there is like being in a secret, magic garden. There are also wild flowers and even blackberries, I think. I brought my flask of coffee and some cake, and when I had marvelled over the scenario for a while I rised and and did ten minutes standing (Qi Gong). Ideal settings for it. I will definitely go there again for training  – and coffee :-)

Friday I went to a shop nearby to get a couple of household items and they played "Heartbreaker" by Dionne Warwick. Whenever I hear those first tunes I get instant goosebumps, and first thing home again I found it on YouTube and jumped on the trampoline listening to it. It is so good. You can listen to it here.

Today it has been raining all day, but that's OK, I have been busy doing housework. Having my good friend from abroad visiting from next weekend, so better clean the place up. 

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