Thursday, 26 August 2010


Today was the day when I was to have a consultation with a physiotherapist specializing in Lymphedema. A day I have been anticipating. The therapist was very, very kind and seemed very competent. We had a long talk and she examined my leg. It seems that my leg is very cooperative and the fluid quite mobile, so that's good. She explained a lot about the lymphatic system and also gave me a short session of manual drainage.
We talked about the lymphedema pump and she too said that it is very important to open up the system before pumping away, since at worst it may cause lymphedema elsewhere, ie in the genitals! I look forward to her showing me how I can open up the right way myself, it would be really good. I find it appalling that I have not been informed about this neither by the hospital where I had treatment before nor by the company that delivered the pump. Shame on them!
Anyway, next week I will go there for treatment two times of one hour. Feeling excited about that. After the two treatments we are going to evaluate how my leg is reacting and then make a plan. The plan could be five days of treatment in a row, possibly with wrapping. It all should end up with a new compression stocking and hopefully a somewhat smaller leg. She said that I will be done by November where I am going on a long trip to Thailand, so that's good. Maybe there is even time to make two stockings, that would be fantastic.
Already after the short session of manual drainage today my leg feels a tiny bit different (better) when I bend it. Not so tense and filled with fluid.
I am so happy that I will be starting treatment there and now I finally feel that I am being "taken care of." Yippiii!

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