Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wonderful day off

Today is my day off, oh joy. I have had a long sleep, trained Ichuan and baked a wonderful bread. Quite simple, but baked in my Römertopf – a clay pot – it gets beautifully golden and delicious and with the most incredible, crunchy crust, yum! Next time I borrow my dad's digital camera, I must bake and take a picture so you can see it.
Yesterday I went to the weekly Ichuan class and it was good. We were back in the community center after summer training in my teachers lovely garden. It's been wonderful to train outdoors. The last time in the garden we had a BBQ afterwards, super nice. Great to attend a class and be part of something.
Ichuan / Qi Gong is very, very interesting. It is very comprehensive and I understand that I have a lot to learn. I believe that through continuous, intensive, wholeheartet and correct training Qi Gong can be very powerful. Whether it is able to correct the body so much that the lymphatic system is motivated to do its job properly, I have yet to find proof, but I am ready to try. I do not want to accept my Lymphedema fate without fight. I am sure some people think is pointless and silly, but so be it. Maybe it is pointless and silly, but maybe it isn't. We shall see.
Ichuan belongs to the so-called internal styles. Can also be spelled Yiquan – and probably also other ways. 

The more I learn about this, the more hooked I am on it and the more I think that if there is anything that can help me, this perhaps is it. And wheatgrass.I am, after only one year of training, a humble beginner, and does not yet manage to describe adequately what it is about, so here comes some introduction I found elsewhere:

Yiquan (Ichuan), also known as Dachengquan, is a Chinese martial art founded in the mid-1920's by Mr. Wang Xiangzhai. Yiquan aims at developing the natural instinctive abilities and reactions of the human body and mind. Instead of practising fixed movements and postures the practitioners of Yiquan research the movement in its simplest form, that is the interaction of relaxation and tension. The interaction of these two states is the origin of every movement, but alone neither of them is enough. Only when both of these states are trained to their best, to a level where the whole body and mind are one, can maximum power and other necessities of combat be achieved.
Yiquan enjoys grat fame for its effectiveness in combat, but Yiquan is also very effctive for keeping fit and improving one's health. Many clinical tests and much research conducted in numerous hospitals and institutes all over China have proven Yiquan to be able to help patients with many kinds of deseases, especially chronic ones, and to have very positive effects on the central nervous system, respiratory organs, blood pressure, circulation, heart etc. Therefore some exercies of Yiquan have become part of the methods of treatment in many Chinese hospitals.

On the picture below is me jumping on my trampoline. I think I ascent a little more than the picture shows but the picture is taken with a timer, so I was happy simply with one where I have airtime. Rebounding has, as mentioned in an earlier post, meant that my lower leg is no longer rock hard, but soft and – I think – a tiny bit smaller than before. Because of the gravity and other things rebounding is efficient for exercising the lymphatic system and flushing it. My greatest fear is that the accumulated lymph fluid "gets stuck" and converts to fatty tissue, and the the thought of this motivates me to jump every day, sometimes just one or two sessions, even at times when I just can't be bothered. 
On Youtube you can find information and videos if you search for "rebounding".
Among the many articles I found on the matter by google "rebounding" and "lymphedema" are these:
Rebounding for detoxification and health
Jump for your Lymphatic system!

I haven't come much further in terms of length of each session, I am now on 4:28. That calf muscle in the Lymphedema leg gets tired faster than in the other leg, or so it feels, so I work myself only very slowly upwards.
My trampoline is a Kessler, it is OK, but next time I will buy a slightly better one with more bounce.
If I had a garden I would buy a large garden trampoline, that would be something. I have read that even people who are unable to jump themselves can benefit from rebounding sitting on the edge (it'll have to be one of the big ones) while another person jumps. Locical, isn't it, as you still get the "gravity rush" which is what excersices the lymphfluid.

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