Monday, 2 August 2010

As good as gold

As part of my project of cleansing my body and boosting it with nutrients I drink fresh vegetable juice every day. Whenever possible I go with carrot, beetroot, ginger, lemon, cucumber, apple, parsley and celery, but recently I have been unable to get celery and organic beetroot, but a little variety doesn't hurt, so right now I am on liquid carrot, apple, ginger and lemon – oh bliss, it it so good - especially on a hot day! I use my Philips juicer that I got for Christmas a year and a half ago. My sweet Dad drove a long way to get it for me. Last year Mum, my brothers and I got him one, so now he is also juicing away – when he has time, that is. Fresh juice is super healthy and nutritious, and extra handy for those of us who are not so diciplined when it comes to getting our 600g a day, hmm. 

I think I have come to the conclusion that a pressure of approx. 100 of the IPC-pump is good. Maybe I will try for a tiny bit more. To strengthen its work on the forefoot I put a folded sock on top of the forefoot, inside the jersey- or nylon stocking I use (have cut the leg of an old pair, I don't really like my leg being naked in the pump) and that intensifies the pressure there. I experiment with various objects around the bone on the outside of the foot in order to drain the area more and I get me a little more shape. On the big toe I put an old filmcontainer as I am prone to the nail growing downwards into the skin and it can hurt a little with the pump squashing the toe and nail. The whole thing looks peculiar, to say the least :-) 

This weekend I have had my beautiful little nephew on "holiday" and we had such a good time. What a beautiful little person he is. Nine years. We played Monopoly and Risk, made sushi and nachos, he has been grinding coffee (my old-fashioned coffee grinder is a hit) and we were exploring the ruins of Absalon's Castle under Christiansborg Castle in inner Copenhagen. It's been absolutely super.

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