Friday, 9 July 2010

That'll teach me!

Part of my selfhealing project is about cleansing the body and in doing so I take baths with Epsom salt. One day in March this year I learned the hard way that, having lymphedema, one should not bathe in water warmer than 40 degrees C. After a lovely hot bath and having rinsed off in the shower I suddenly felt very dizzy. It was a little like when getting up too quickly after sitting down and I thought to myself "must hold on to the shower doorway until it is over" but the next thing I remember is that I'm on floor trying to detangle myself from the kettle which I had used for heating extra water (the hot water tank can not keep up). I managed to get up to sit on the toiletseat and after a little while I could stand up and go lie on the bed. That was when I discovered a semideep cut on the buttock/hip, it was from the metal spout on the kettle! The wound has long since healed but I still have a memory – a fine red line the shape of a kettlespout! Sometimes when I'm sad I am thinking that it doesn't matter anyway because there may never be anyone seeing that part of my body again. Who wants to be with a girl with an elephantleg :-/ It was a long time before I could (and dared) to resume my baths, and now I always measure the temperature of the water before I get in. Later I discovered that it is common knowledge among lymphedema patients that we can not tolerate very hot baths due to all the toxins released causing trouble.

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