Monday, 19 July 2010


Monday. Yesterday I was up at 8, baking bread, doing my Ichuan, coffee+newspaper and a stepclass at the gym. I started stepping about six months ago I believe, as part of my project of getting my body to do its job properly. Not that I wasn't active before my lymphedema started, as I have cycled a lot for years and always walked a lot. I have never been overweight and always felt relatively agile and fit. Lack of exercise has hardly any influence on lymphedema arising – a few months ago I met a long-time runner who, like me, suddenly got it. I think however, that exercise and various forms of training – including energy workout like my Ichuan – may help to get body in a better condition and thereby perhaps help better the situation. Time will tell. I'm planning to take up swimming soon, apparently some lymphedemasufferes have good effect from that.
Back from the stepclass I could feel my ankle was better than before I left, not so congested.

Yesterday I recieved a letter about the two extra stockings being granted. It was good news, though someone have messed up and I have been granted kneehighs insted of hiphighs, sigh. Must ring the handicap device and sort it out. Perhaps things are a little too hectic at that hospital, they were the ones who applied.
My two sessions of reflexology have had no effect. The therapist doesn't believes she can help me if there was no improvement at all to see after those two times, so I might as well stop here. Maybe I will try another therapist, one working more traditionally instead of this one where it was more like a massage.

I am pt rebounding to the extraordinary "Summerwine" by and with Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood. It is very unique with Lee's deep voice, Nancy's perfect shifts from high to low and of course the dramatic cellos and violins. Like a journey into a dark and dangerous place. You can listen to this masterpiece here.

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