Saturday, 17 July 2010

Heavy metals

Thursday I had reflexology for the second time - first time was the week before. There was no improvement to see or measure after the first time and it doesn't look like there is any this time either. My reflexology therapist has successfully treated people with secondary Lymphedema, and as she says, if people with a, due to surgery, damaged lymphatic system can achieve good results, people who, in theory, has an intact system should, if any, but perhaps this is not how it is. After all, clearly it is not intact, although I have all my nodes etc.

We talked about the possibility of heavy metals causing the Lymphedema. Apparently heavy metals, especially lead, is responsible for lots of conditions. My father is, like me, a typesetter, but, contrary to me who was trained only on computer and paper mounting, a great deal of his worklife he worked with lead, as this was the "technology" when he was young. You know, grabbing the letters made by lead, one by one, forming words, lines, paragraphs, pages, books etc. He was 28 when they had me, so at that time he would have worked with lead for 14 years and I assume he could have soaked up quite a bit in that time. Whether it can be passed on from father to child I don't know.
I am going to take a test that apparently will tell me just how poisoned I am from heavy metals. It is done by a hairsample with will be analysed and then a report will be send to me. I am quite excited about this, how interesting it is going to be!

I used the lymphedemapump for one hour yesterday at 75, I think it was better. The measurements were a little bit smaller, but it varies a little anyway and I can't be sure I always place the measuringtape the exact same place. On the front of my leg I can however, as I measure on some freckles which I have marked on a map of my leg I have made. Anyone say geek?

I have a huge blister on my foot which the toecap is responsible for, and it just continues to play up. I'll try to sew a small piece of cotton inside, hopefully it will help. Next time I need a new toecap I will order it with cotton inside, I have heard that is possible.

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