Thursday, 15 July 2010

My new pneumatic pump

I have recently been granted an IPC-pump, and last week it was delivered by a lady from the distributor. 
I am unsure of how much pressure I should go with. At the hospital they set it on 90 or 100, but the lady from company said 40 – but she said also that some are running with high pressure, some with low, and that it is a matter of taste. Now I have tried a couple of nights on 40, 50 and 60 and have not been registering any differences in measurements. The only difference I could detect is that the forefoot decreased slightly. Today I will see if I can run an hour on 90. Comments on this are highly appreciated.
I spoke with the hospital today, they'll try if I can get me two more stockings. Copenhagen municipality has only granted me two per year, and that's not much, I think. I have already used the two, so unless the new application goes through I have only one stocking until September. I have no washing machine of my own, and it is a hassle having to handwash the stocking all the time. I am hoping for the best, but we'll see.
Today I have been good, doing my Ichuan (Qi Gong). Haven't been doing it much apart from the weekly class, but today I managed. It is my mission to do 20 minutes standing every Saturday and Sunday and on my weekly day off, and the other days some less strengthening and time consuming – the classical Ba Duan Jin or Y ji jin exercises.
Baduanjin keeps the bones and tendons stron and flexible, and Yjijin promotes flow in the body. The two series of exercises assists in getting better at what really rocks: Zhanzhuang – pronounced jamjong. Standing training. The purpose/benefits are better circulation of the blood, increased muscle control and thus greater brain activity, mental relaxation and tranquility. To get the energy circulating throughout the body at the same time, using only standing and moving exercises. Attention to and in the body, which creates energy circulation throughout the body. For training we do different exercises and standing, but at home I just stand in different positions we have learned. It is quite tough, and although it may not look like it, there is a lot going on inside the body, and one can really feel one is doing something.
On the trampoline, I have come to Summertime by Chet Baker (4:16).

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  1. I have had Lymphodema of the left leg for thirty years and known many people with it. Glad to Hear you have a pump now I really don't know how I would get on without one. Sleeping and resting with your leg elevated is the trick I have several cushions as long as my leg pump your leg for two hours at a low elevation at five degree angle of elevation.Then elevate higher before you sleep I sleep with my leg at about thirty to forty degree which is much higher that it sounds.The higher the better but it really takes some getting used to.

    Leather shoes with shock absorbing heel and sole are better than joggers as they will stretch synthetics don't.If you have trouble with the toes (bunions and the like) stretch the toes with damp newspaper. I have a quite few other tips
    but these were the ones that seemed appropriate. I reduced the size of my leg by about fifty percent using a pump and elevate and the occasional MLD.