Friday, 9 July 2010

Just because I can!

After my long, but less efficient bandaging in early summer (see here) I am still grateful every day for again being able to move and use my legs. I love cycling, and how wonderful it was, after getting rid of the bandages, again to saddle up and go for a bikeride in the beautiful park area near me. Oh bliss, I had to shed a tear, that's how happy I was! Sometimes I walk down the stairs or into the train in a particular way just because I can! Ways that I could not with a stiff leg. I am sure that my 12-kilometer cycling and 20-minute walk each day helps keep my lymphedema under control. I jump every day on a mini trampoline/rebounder, and some time after I started I could feel that my lower leg were not as rock hard as before, now it is soft as the "good" leg and maybe I am seeing things I want to see, but I think the lower leg seems a little less than before I started rebounding. For a long time I have jumped for two minutes every hour when I was at home as I read in the e-book "Heal Your Lymphatic System & Reduce Lymphedema Swelling" this is the most effective. However, I am a little bit suspicious of this book as I can not see that the author himself has lymphedema, and I often come across hidden advertisements for his book on the web. Anyway, now I tried with the two minutes for some months and I will now try another strategy; gradually working myself up to maybe 15 minutes rebounding per session. Pt. I jump a little more than four minutes, not every hour but a few times during the day. I have got iTunes on my computer and so when I jump I play a song that lasts the number of minutes / seconds I want to jump. That way I won't have to mess with the timer etc., and I can listen to my music while I jump. Pt. I jump to "Alt ljus på mej" (All lights on me) by Bo Kaspers Orkester - my favorite Swedes!

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